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    Email Marketing Tips – Promoting Affiliate Links Can Lose You Your Autoresponder

    Well, I never thought I’d ever have to write this article, but after what happened today to a member of the Warrior Forum, I have discovered that I don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Yes, you are in real danger promoting affiliate products if you use email marketing, especially if you’re using a service like Aweber. I’m going to explain what happened, why and how to get around this.

    Okay, here is what happened. A member of the Warrior Forum sent out a broadcast to his list via the Aweber broadcast service. Shortly after, when he came back to his account, he found that it was CLOSED.

    That’s right … CLOSED.

    As in, bye-bye list, hasta la vista, adios, see you later.

    Well, obvious a little bit upset (I know I’d be) the marketer contacted Aweber and was given this explanation. It seems that the link in the email (it was a link for an affiliate product) was to a domain that was blacklisted because it had too many spam complaints. And that’s why his account was shut down.

    Okay, this is where I have to ask a few questions because this is just total insanity. I’m going to assume that this domain link was checked during the save process of the broadcast. They do this to make sure the domain is up and running.

    If they KNEW that the domain was blacklisted upon checking, why couldn’t they just have the Aweber software pop up a message saying “The link in your message is to a blacklisted domain. This broadcast will not be allowed out until the link is changed.”

    Problem solved. Instead, they go and shut down the guy’s account.

    That’s the equivalent of throwing a nuke on a picnic table in order to kill the ant that’s trying to run off with your potato chip.

    Anyway, that’s what happened and that’s WHY it happened. The question is, how do we PREVENT it from happening assuming that Aweber is going to continue to play nuke the nanobyte?

    Well, there are a few things you can do. The first is playing nuke ball in the opposite direction. Stop promoting affiliate products, or better yet, chuck your autoresponder. But since that is plainly overkill and as stupid as Aweber’s solution, you might want to move on to my next suggestion.

    Replace the affiliate link with a cloaked link. The way I do it is I use my own domain with a redirect. That way, I have complete control of the link going out without having to rely on a third party cloaking service. As long as the cloaked link isn’t on a blacklist (you’ll know this with your own domain) you shouldn’t have any trouble sending out your email.

    This is something I would have NEVER thought about until it happened to somebody else. Now that I know, I also know NEVER to trust a third party link because I never know WHERE that link has been or what IDIOT has been sending it all over creation.

    Yeah, it’s a dangerous world out there.

    Be careful.

    To YOUR Success,

    Steven Wagenheim

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