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    Simple question in this article. Has the Internet marketing bubble burst? Not sure? Don’t even know what that even means? Wonder if I’m off my meds? Well, keep reading and it’ll all become quite clear to you that I haven’t lost my marbles and actually have something important to say.

    You’d have to be an old timer like myself to understand where I’m coming from in this article. I was around when we had stupid stuff like pixel ads. Remember those? The kid who first came up with that idea made a fortune. Sadly, the folks who bought pixels never made much of anything.

    Point is, there was always some kind of scheme that you could tap into in order to make a quick buck. Most, if not all of them, were complete garbage. But it didn’t matter. We were young and naive and didn’t know any better. Then something happened one day.

    Google took over the world and the peasants went screaming through the Internet streets in a panic proclaiming the end of marketing as we know it … maybe even for good.

    Now before you think I’m going to go on a Google bashing campaign, I’m not. Google has only gotten as big as it has because we let it. Think about it. They came around and gave us a search engine and some tools and out of our laziness, never bothered to really search for an alternative once we saw that they were slowly taking over our lives.

    For starters, look at what’s happened to article directories. At one time, you could post an article to a directory and get tons of visitors to your site as long as you did your keyword research correctly. The quality of the article itself didn’t even have to be top notch. If it was keyword relevant, it ranked.

    Today, it’s a different story. Google doesn’t look at many directories as favorably as they used to. As a result, an article that used to rank at the top of the SERPs now ranks much lower if at all. I have noticed this with my own articles. Many have flat out disappeared.

    But that’s just the beginning.

    Another tactic was buying domains that were keyword specific. These used to rank very well in the SERPs. Just recently, Google’s EMD (exact match domain) update pretty much put an end to those. Now, domains that exactly match keyword phrases get hit very hard. If you’ve noticed a drop in traffic and you have an EMD, that just might be the cause of it.

    But Google isn’t the only one slamming down the hammer these days. The FTC has been cracking down on a number of things.

    For starters, they’ve gone after sales pages with their inflated claims and unsubstantiated testimonials. The sales pages of old can no longer get away with what they used to get away with. In addition to that, certain products have been on the hit list.

    To see that in action, just look at the recent announcement from Clickbank where certain products would be removed from their marketplace. This is all because of pressure from the FTC.

    In addition to that, affiliate marketers have taken a huge hit. In the old days, you could subtly promote an affiliate product by reviewing and referring it without mentioning that you would actually get a commission if the person bought the product through YOUR recommendation.

    Those days are LONG gone my friend.

    Today, you have to be totally up front with your affiliate promotions. If you don’t let the prospect know that you get a commission through your referral, you could be in some serious hot water if somebody wanted to make a case against you.

    And the list of “things you use to do that you can no longer do” goes on and on. In fact, all the regulations combined, would take up the space of Webster’s Dictionary.

    In short … we’re being regulated to death.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not passing judgment on this one way or the other. It just is what it is. You deal with it or you risk having your whole business brought to its knees. And if you think I’m kidding, ask all the people who went from six figure incomes to nothing almost overnight.

    So what’s the answer? HAS the Internet marketing bubble burst? In a way, yes. It certainly isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago and certainly nowhere near as easy as it was during the Wild West days. However, there is an opportunity here for the Internet marketer with the right mindset.

    Instead of trying to BEAT the system (which always loses in the long run) how about trying to work WITHIN the system? That means doing things like writing content that is actually, oh I don’t know, readable? How about getting a domain name that doesn’t scream EMD but instead screams “branding.”

    Amazon, Google and The Warrior Forum didn’t have to resort to EMDs for their success.

    How about truth in advertising? How about sales pages that actually TELL the prospect EXACTLY what they’re getting? How about REAL testimonials with proof of success on record and verifiable? How about, as an affiliate, we actually let the prospect know that we DO get paid for them buying the product? And if possible, how about actually USING the product? Now THAT is a novel concept.

    With just a little integrity, we can actually use the latest changes to our advantage. Imagine that we actually instill real trust in our prospects and customers.

    Yeah, that’s a REAL novel concept.

    I could keep on going but I think you get the picture. It all comes down to integrity and doing the right thing. For some of us, that’s real easy to do. For others, not so easy as they’re so used to bending the rules rather than playing by them.

    So, yes, the Internet marketing bubble probably HAS burst.

    But only for the ones who have been gaming the system all along anyway.

    To YOUR Success,

    Steven Wagenheim

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