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    We all have a lot of baggage in our lives. Unfortunately, we also tend to bring that baggage along with us when we’re attempting to branch out into a new form of marketing. When that happens, we sometimes pass up opportunities that would have made us a lot of money if we had just taken a chance and not let the baggage hold you back. This article, I hope, will be an inspiration to leave the baggage behind.

    Probably the best way to do that is with a true story. The story isn’t complete yet, but it’s going to be shortly and when it is, I can report back my results. But the results aren’t nearly as important as the lesson I hope you’ll learn from this.

    I’ve been creating and selling products since 2006. Before that I was into freelancing and affiliate marketing. But for the last 6 years, I’ve created all my own products. In fact, I’ve created hundreds of them. Some of them sold quite well. Some, not so well. But product creation always did well enough to pay the bills and then some.

    Well, I’ve been considering going into a different type of product creation using Kindle. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If not, Kindle is a series of e-book readers created by Amazon. In short, you can download and read e-books from Amazon onto the device in literally seconds. It’s catching on like crazy and opening up a brand new market for e-book creators.

    Oddly, for whatever reason, I decided that I didn’t want to upload my Internet marketing related products to sell on Kindle and instead opted to branch out into non Internet marketing related niches. But why? Why would I abandon something that I’ve been doing for years and years? There didn’t seem to be any logical reason for it.

    Well, quite honestly, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was all this baggage that I’ve been carrying with me the last couple of years. Truth is, traditional marketing methods that used to do quite well for me in promoting my IM related products, such as article marketing, just don’t work as well anymore. Google changes have accounted for a lot of the drop off.

    So I’m now bringing that baggage with me thinking that if traditional methods don’t work as well for me in promoting IM related products, why should Kindle be any different? And then it hit me. This really IS baggage that I’m dragging along with me.

    For one thing, the platform is totally different and probably attracts a different market. For another, and this is really the most important thing, Amazon does the promotion FOR me. Think about that. Amazon is constantly promoting their Kindle products. Not only that, because Amazon is looked upon favorably by Google, I don’t have to worry about slaps or anything of that nature. I’ve got the best promotional platform I could possibly want.

    In short, I was letting my experience with traditional product creation and marketing color my judgment in regard to Amazon and Kindle and possibly prevent me from tapping into a marker that, in all honesty, I could make a killing in. I mean it’s not like I’m an unknown. Anybody who finds one of my books at Kindle and looks up my name will find thousands upon thousands of pages about me.

    But there’s that doubt creeping up again because of all that old baggage from dwindling sales thanks to a drastically changed promotional environment.

    It’s crippling.

    So where does that leave us? Well, simply stated, it leaves us with an obvious solution.

    Leave the baggage behind.

    Ah, but easier said than done. It’s real easy to tell somebody who is overweight and obviously eats too much and the wrong food besides to eat less and eat healthier. It’s a whole different kettle of fish to actually GET that person to eat less and eat healthier. How many of us know what’s good for us and still don’t do it anyway because we don’t have the discipline, or we’re afraid?

    I can rant all day to you to leave the baggage behind, but there’s very little chance that you’re going to do it.

    So what’s the answer? How do we motivate ourselves to leave that baggage behind and move on to the next chapter in our lives?

    Well, everybody’s different but this might work for you.

    For starters, say to yourself, “What have I got to lose?” Really? What’s the absolute worst that could happen if you moved forward? What’d the worst that could happen if I decided to try to sell my IM related e-books on Kindle? The worst case scenario is that they don’t sell … at ALL. So what? All I’ve lost is a few hours of uploading products.

    There is an old cliche that is quite appropriate here. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Wayne Gretzky said it best. “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.”

    That alone should be enough to get you to pull the trigger on you next project. But if it’s not, look at it this way. Whatever you were doing that didn’t work, or left you with nightmares or ruined your best suit, or whatever it was, was that and then. It’s over and one with. That was the old you. That was the old situation. What’s up ahead is the new you and a new situation. You’ve never done it before so you really have no way of knowing if it’s going to repeat the results of the old you.

    In my case, Kindle doesn’t know who I am. It doesn’t know that, currently, article marketing isn’t bringing me the sales of my products that it used to. So what? Kindle isn’t article marketing. It’s a completely different animal. So my results won’t in any way be tied in to what I did previously. Remember, my stuff DID sell very well when Google still loved article marketers. Well, if it’s the same products, then maybe a new advertising platform is just what they need.

    Yes, this is me talking myself into taking a chance on something.

    I hope I’ve managed to do the same for you.

    To YOUR Success,

    Steven Wagenheim

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