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    In this installment of List Building Tips, I want to discuss syndication; what it is and how to properly go about getting it. I think you will find this interesting reading.

    I actually need to start this article off by dispelling a myth that has been going around for a long time. Many marketers feel that having an article appear in more than one place is duplicate content and will thus be penalized as such. So let me clear this myth up before we go any farther.

    Duplicate content is when you take the same article and have it appear more than once on the SAME domain. The only actual penalty for that is the article will only be listed in the SERPs ONE time. But you will NOT be penalized for doing this. Your site ranking won’t go down. You won’t get thrown out of the SERPs. There is no benefit, but there is also no real penalty.

    For proof of this, go and look up a current news story and see how many sites are running the EXACT same news story written by the same exact agency, usually AP or UPI. This is called syndication and it’s a wonderful thing.

    Ultimately, what you DO want is to write an article that is SO good that many authority sites in your niche pick it up and publish it on THEIR site. And if you think this is of no benefit to them because (1) they didn’t write the article and (2) because the article is all over the place, think again.

    There are sites out there that literally make their living off of publishing syndicated articles. They haven’t got one piece of original content on their site and it doesn’t make a darn bit of difference. Again, the proof is out there. Just go digging through some of the top niches and you’ll find them.

    The trick, for YOU, is to write articles GOOD enough to be syndicated. For some folks, that’s a mountain and a half to climb.

    For starters, they can’t write. Their words are like those out of a 3rd grader at best. Add to that the length of some of the articles that people write (a few paragraphs in many cases) and it’s no wonder that nobody wants to publish them on their site.

    In order to get your articles syndicated, you must write very well, have a beginning a middle and an end, stay on topic, and have your articles be a decent length. A minimum of 500 words to get any decent site to consider publishing you and as many as 1,000 to 1,500 words or more to get the top sites to even look at your articles.

    I don’t write all my articles for syndication. In fact, this very one is something I wrote simply because I felt it was a message that needed to be sent to article writers today. The years of 300 word pieces of dog meat that used to pull in tons of traffic are over.

    Now, there are two ways to get your articles syndicated. One is direct and one is indirect.

    The indirect way to get your articles syndicated is to submit them to article directories and hope that a top site sees them, likes them, and publishes them.

    The direct way is simply to contact the top sites yourself and ask them if they’ll publish your articles. Don’t laugh. If you have a top product, you’ll get many to say yes.

    Ultimately, with syndication, you write one article, submit it one time, and end up with hopefully dozens of sites publishing it because it’s THAT good.

    I’ve lost track of how many of my articles have been published elsewhere.

    One last word. Don’t depend on article directories for direct traffic to your site from the directory itself. You are using them for what they are intended to be used for, and that’s to get OTHER sites to pick up the articles FROM the directories and publish them on THEIR sites.

    The more times your article gets published, with a link back to your list opt in, the more chances you have to build your list.

    Once you understand that, you’ll understand just how powerful syndication is to list building.

    To YOUR Success,

    Steven Wagenheim

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