Adwords Excellence

A site that I just ran across is one called Adwords Excellence. I usually take dance titles with a grain of salt, but I signed up and gave it a look-see.

Here's what I discovered.

This may very well be the best membership site I have ever seen for teaching the basics of Adwords to the point where I can honestly say that if you follow the step by step instructions, and they are very explicit, you should have no problem getting your Adwords campaign off the ground.

My only complaint, and I notified the site owner about this, is that I felt he should add a section for more advanced users. The information for a total new person is great and even good for a fairly new user. But for somebody looking for really adavnced material, this does not yet exist. The owner did tell me that he was going to consider adding it.

Anyway, I strongly recommend this site for somebody just starting out with Adwords. If you want to check it out, here's the link.