Free Ad Forum

Out of the clear blue I was contacted by Matt from Free Ad Forum. Now, let me tell you that this guy has a very popular site and certainly didn't need my help for anything, but he made me an offer that I would have been insane to pass up.

His offer would bring me even more traffic than I am getting now. Oddly, he asked for very little in return. I tried to wrap my head around this and could only come up with one explanation.

He truly wanted to help me out. This is something very rare these days.

Anyway, Matt is open to JVs and other proposals. He is a firm believer that one hand washes the other. So, if you are willing to do a few simple things for him, he will help you out in spades. Plus, with all the traffic that his site gets, he's sure to get you more visitors than you're getting now. I know that I can't thank him enough for the offer he made to me. And mind you, he didn't know me from Adam. But he's obviously a good businessman and knows when something can benefit both of us.

Please check out his Free Ads Forum.